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We are an early stage startup. The beta version of our product, Scoreclever, is released.

Try out the Beta version on your Android device.

Iphone, Desktop apps to be available soon.

Know more on how our students excel in their board exams as well as in other competitive exams during and after their studies.

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How it Works

Without us, students Study -> Never revise -> Forget. They cannot remember what they have studied in previous exams or standards or semesters.

With us students Study -> Revise -> Never forget. They can even remember what they have studied in 6th standard when they are in college.




With AI assistance, our scheduling algorithms are very powerful, not letting the students to forget what they have learned.

Forgetting Curve

Forgetting Curve

As proven by German scientist Hermann Ebbinghaus, the forgetting curve on the left shows how quickly learned information is forgotten by human memory over time when no attempt is made to recall it.

To stop human memory from forgetting the learned information, the information needs to be recalled over time.

Forgetting Curve

Spaced Repetition

To recall learned information over time so that the information is retained in the human memory for a long term, spaced repetition comes to play. It is implemented with the help of flashcards.

With spaced repetition, a date/time is assigned to the learned information over time and by recalling the information on the specific date/time, it gets retained in the memory.

Spaced Repetition Spaced Repetition

Where we are

Key Features

We will release multiple e-learning applications targeting various audiences.
All of our products will have the following key features.

Awesome Interface

Fluid, non-distracting UI and no unwanted animations.

Affordable Pricing

Our subscription plans are very affordable.

User Friendly

Straightforward, lightweight UI to provide best experience.

Instant Support

Instant support from our team in case of any queries.

Connect With People

Connect with similar people and study together online.

Quiz Competitions

Weekly quizzes and the winners will be rewarded.


Questions and Answers

No. The 'How it works' section applies to the MVP and some of our initial products. We will release multiple products and one of our milestones is to take education to the Virtual Reality environment. As said above, we will emerge as the only ed-tech platform ever needed for academics in the near future.

The Startup is bootstrapped by its founders.

The mock screens provided above are just samples to demonstrate how our products work. We have features to display multiple facts per question as well which is used most of the time. An average of 1 hour per day is enough for a user to study with our apps. With night mode UI and scientifiaclly proven eye safety alerts, our apps will be designed such that they cause no harm to the user's physical as well as mental health.

Yes, there are multiple copyrighted components in our product that will be disclosed after officially obtaining copyrights, as per the copywriting law in India.

Our targeted audience is students regardless of their age, starting from 10. Multiple products will be released based on the study domain. We have plans to expand to multiple countries in the near future.



Beta version of Scoreclever, our product, available for Android.

Apps to be available soon for Iphone and Desktop.

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